it services

Core Services

The Core Services are offered as packaged services with the ASP engagement model at no additional costs to the client. However these services can be availed by client in the license sale & product sale models. In the ASP (Application Service Provisioning) model of engagement, all services detailed below shall be provided offsite / offshore in any manner that QFund may deem suitable for the project, unless specifically requested by our clients to be performed onsite, which would be considered “On-Demand” and will be fully billable to the extent of activities performed based on time & effort and the rates detailed in the this proposal.

Type of Service Details

Software ASP License

ASP Licenses for the QFund Application (different licenses for Store-front & internet Products)

Hosting Services for Application

Complete hosting services of the QFund Application

Hardware components for hosting

All hardware required for hosting including cages at the data center, servers, networking, storage space etc

System Software Components

System software including Jboss application server licenses, Oracle database server licenses, Linux operating system licenses, Monitoring tools licenses for monitoring the application & database servers

Support & Monitoring

24 X 7 Offsite Production Support & Monitoring of the application servers and database servers

Data Back-Ups

Daily / Monthly data back-ups & archiving at a remote offsite location on digital storage devices

Data Archival Services

Data archival for optimal system performance based on client’s requirements of data is planned at an offsite location

Help Manuals

Help & User Manuals for Store & Internet operators, Customer Service Representatives and administrative users in electronic format & print media

Technical Upgrades

Upgrades for system software and ensuring portability to the latest versions Database (Oracle), Application Server (JBoss) and coding platform (J2EE)

Training Services

Basic training services for online application users and administrative users not exceeding 5 man-days

Functionality Upgrades

Enhancements to the core functionality of the QFund Internet Product

On-demand Services

QFund offers several “On Demand” Services, which do not form a part of standard package in any engagement model and which would be offered only on receipt of a written request from Clients with agreement to bear all expenses related to such services. These “On Demand Services” include:

  • Customization / Custom Development Services
    Customization services for existing base product portfolio and custom development of new applications or enhancements with turn-key development services

  • Integration/Interfacing
    Integration services for integrating the QFund Application with any third party tools or applications

  • Change Request Management
    Changes required to the base QFund Application, as requested by Clients, during the production stage. These changes may be due to Industry demands and or rule changes.

  • Extended Training Services
    QFund will provide comprehensive training programs and the training tools and devices necessary to support Clients users

  • Data Migration Services
    QFund will offer its Data Migration services to Clients following a Data Migration Process Model that is described in later chapters in detail.

  • Roll out and implementation
    Complete rollout and implementation plan for Clients and aid in implementation

Other IT Services

QFund’s strong Product Development practice ensures exemplary documentation and packaging of software solutions, which are on par with the world standards and acknowledged by global clientele. We manage turnkey projects, and have built, managed and supported our customers' IT systems across the value chain — infrastructure, applications and business processes. That is because our capabilities span the entire IT spectrum,  IT architecture, hardware, software, network consulting and IT-enabled processing services.