Integrated partners

QFund is built on a architecture a that enables it to be integrated/interfaced with any partner system developed on any technology platform including Legacy & ERP applications.

The underlying J2EE, and multiple XML based technologies of the application enable it to be integration / interfacing ready with many third party systems that provide services in the short term financial solutions industry domain, addressing various client . The various readily available interfaces in the QFund application are listed below.

Credit Eligibility

  • Risk Assessment Agencies

  • ID Verification Agencies

  • Credit Bureaus

  • PRBC

Payment Processors

  • Credit Card Processors

  • Pre-paid / Debit Card Processors

  • ACH Processors

  • Banks & Financial Institutions

Customer Acquisition

  • Lead Generators

  • Referrals

Call Center Solutions

  • Predictive Dialers

  • CRMs

Customer Communications

  • Fax

  • Email

  • SMS Service

  • IVR Services

Back-office Integrations

  • ERP

  • Payroll & Legacy Apps

  • Financial Apps

  • Collection Agencies

Convenience Tools

  • Mobile Apps

  • Biometric Devices

Automated Verification

  • Cell Phone Verification

  • Bank Account Verification

  • Employement Verification