Interface and integration services

The chief advantage of using the QFund is that it would help you in interfacing/integrating the application with various other internal systems coupled with the potential offered by the Internet. QFund is integration ready & can enable collaboration between all disparate systems already hosted with you or any other service being availed by you from any other party including but not limited to the following

  • Risk Assessment Interfaces

  • Accounting Applications

  • HR / Payroll Applications

  • Any other legacy / ERP / proprietary application

QFund has successfully implemented projects of high complexity on a global scale, to enable the clients to perform transactions online leveraging on the existing data and utilizing the potential offered by the Internet.

QFund is built on a scalable architecture and can be integrated/interfaced with any other system built on any technology platform including Legacy & ERP applications. QFund has been integrated with Teletrack, a risk assessment engine, to address client’s requirements for verification/validation of borrower credibility. The application has interfaces to send requests & receive responses to & from Teletrack respectively.