QFund covers functionalities related to Auto Equity loan that can be provided to Borrowers. For any Borrower to avail this loan, they must be registered with QFund.


  • It allows the CSR to capture the Vehicle Condition details to find out the qualified loan amount.
  • Any borrower’s loan amount is restricted by the amount he gets qualified to after running Tele-track.
  • Transfer of title from the borrower’s name to the lending company, with daily alerts provided for pending transfers or alerts on pre-configured rules.

Controls in the application:
The various controls that are verified & affected by the application during the life cycle of an Auto Equity Loan are:

Controls for automating functions a couple of critical functions during the lifecycle of a loan

  • APR definition
  • Fee configuration for all fees applicable
  • No. of missed installments before a notice letter is sent
  • Late fee grace period, if applicable
  • Collection notice days
  • Refund applicability

Status codes
The application is controlled by the following status codes which determine loan applicability

  • Customer status code
  • Loan status code
  • Title status code
  • AEL Collection Status


  • AEL Loan- New or existing borrowers can apply for a loan.
  • Installment Payment - Borrowers can make their payments in installments.
  • Early Payoff - Borrowers can make full payment against a loan.
  • eposit- The solution automatically provides deposit transaction for the collateral check, if n payments are due and the grace period is elapsed.